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11:19pm 02/08/2006
  Owl to SiriusCollapse )  
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10:09pm 30/07/2006
  Bride's maids,
I've discussed it with both mother and the woman making the dresses. She'd like it if each ofoyu gave me your dress sizes or your mesurments if you know them. We're way behind so she wants to have each of oyur dresses made and then we'll have a fitting at my house in a week where she can make nay adjustments that need to be made. You'll all be wearing dresses similar to thisCollapse )
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08:14pm 21/07/2006
  With less than a month left to my wedding the planning has become way more hectic. The guest list has been made and if you're reading this chances are you're on it.That is unless you're sirius.Sorry, Sir, I'm pretty upset that my favorite cousin can't come,but the rest of the family would have a fit if you were there. Mum didn't want me to invite anyone who wasn't pure blood, but I convinced her to let me. She got to pick the groom after all the least I could do is pick the guests. I also got to pick the brides maids that is if you guys accept then my brides maids will be the following people.

and of course Sybil (who will be my maid of honor).

Just let me know when I good time for the dress fittings will be and I'll try to set up a time when we can all go together or at least when most of us can go together.

If you'd rather not come I understand,but I promise there will be lots of party favors, and good food.

~fiends lock~
I really don't want to do this.

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01:37am 24/04/2006
  ~friends only~
I'm engaged. I'm supposed to be engaged. It's the most absurd thing I've ever heard.I don't know what to do or what to say.

Just because I knew it was coming doesn't make it any less of a shock.
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03:49am 31/03/2006
  Now that both of my sisters are engaged I'm a bit worried. It's not like my parents haven't been trying to marry me off for years, but I was always a bit less desirable than my sisters. They're much more attractive than me, after all, and everyone is well aware of my views about the whole pure-blood thing. Now that I'm the only eligible Black sister left I'm afraid it won't be that hard for them to convince one of the boy lined up to marry Bella to settle on me. I keep expecting the owl to arrive any minute announcing my engagement to that kid who followed me around all last year or someone equally lame.

~hexed private to friends~
I don't care how unlame the person is I'm not marrying anyone that doesn't get down on his knees with a bouquet of calla lilies and some sugar quills and beg me to be his wife and even then I might say no.
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01:54am 13/02/2006
  Valentines day is coming up, and it's just as annoying as ever. I wish everyone would just leave me alone. Not everyone actually, there are a few of you that that I don't mind, but unless you know for a fact that I adore you don't bother talking to me.

I miss Ted. It's my own fault for avoiding him, but I just don't know what to say to him after the converstion we had at the ball.

You still owe me a butterbeer.
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02:46am 06/02/2006
  I'm alive and well and not feeling particularly social.  
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12:08am 25/12/2005
  Here's a picture of what my dress for the ball tonight looks like.
My ball dressCollapse )
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11:33pm 17/12/2005
Just friends, I hate that term. I know women are supposed to be more than sexual objects, but why does the one guy who thinks I'm more than a nice pair of legs have to be the one guy I wish I would catch staring at my legs in the middle of class? That's why I like him though, because he sees me as a human being. I just have no idea how I can get him to see me as more. Maybe Ted and I just weren't meant to be. I don't really know if he's worth loosing my family over. maybe I'm meant to be alone forever.
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06:27am 06/12/2005
  I really wish I knew what to write in this thing. This year is pretty dull. There hasn't even been a single party or anything. I guess it's due to everyone I'm friend's with being in their last year.

I stopped by your dorm the other day but you weren't there. I miss you.

It seems like the less I see Ted the more I like him. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder. what am I supposed to do?
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02:28am 25/10/2005
  I've never been so bored in my life. Seriously, there's nothing to do! Sure, I like having time to do my homework, but when I start doing extra credit work I know something is wrong. I guess most of my friends are busy since a lot of them are in their final year, but I desperately need to do something fun.Last night I spent an hour doing my hair and picking out an outfit just to read. Sure, hogwarts is swarming with people, but I'd rather spend my time alone than with that looser from herbology who keeps sending me love letters. Hell, I'd rather spend my time with Bella than with that guy.

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because it's the cool thing to do   
07:20pm 21/09/2005
  1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. One love note.
5. Lyrics to a song.
6. How old you are.
7. How long we've been friends.
8. And a hint to who you are.
9. What you think about me.
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01:13am 02/09/2005
  So the time has comeot pack forschool agian, and I jsut don't know what I'll need. I know I'll need a few unforms, and I'll be bringing 3 dress robes plus I'm haivn gcatalogues sent to me once a month so I can keep up with the new fashions, but mum and dad have limited me to bringing on trunk of clothes and there's no way I can can fit all my clothes in one trunk. Then there's my books, those things tkae up way too much space, but I've just bought three new books along with my school books, and I can't leave them home. I suppose I'll fit it all somehow. I can't wait to see you call on the train (most of you at least).

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12:34pm 20/08/2005
  Hello! I never seem to keep this thing up to date do I? oh well I've been too busy avoiding everyone to do anything exciting anyway.I'm in desperate need of human contact. Perhaps someone would like to meet up with me before school starts? I boy sent me an owl just yesterday asking or a date, but to be honest i have no idea who he is, and I'm really not interested.


((OOC: sorry I keep getting kidnapped by Sidney (Sybill) and being forced to spend days at a time at her house. Well I'll try to be more active, but once again I'm gonna be at Sidney's house since we're working tonight and not getting off until about 2 am anyway it won't make much of a difference.))
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04:25pm 19/07/2005
  Life goes on as usual. I'm really looking forward to going off to school and getting away from my mother. It seems like every week she's found some new party for us to attend I've skipped out on a few but it's so hard to make excuses not to attend when I do almost nothing everyday. I've been sending Ted owls rather regularly, I miss him more than anything. I miss my other friends too just not quite as much and I'm even missing my classes. I suppose school will start soon enough, but until then what am I supposed to do?

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05:36pm 06/07/2005
  [locked to friends/family]

Rita makes me so mad, who cares if two people are kissing in and one is in the wrong common room? or the or has the wrong family? or is on the wrong planet for that matter? Love is love and nothing should get in the way of it. Now I hear she's got some grudge against me. she honestly has no idea who she's messing with, I am a Black after all.

((OOC: By friends I mean Lupin and anyone in her house but Rita.))
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Entry two   
11:20pm 24/06/2005
  Life is so dull right now. It seems like there's a new social event every week. Mother insists we all go because it would make her look bad if we didn't. I really miss my friends from school. I lock myself in my room most of the time when I'm home and there's only so much you can do when you spend days at a time in the same room. I went shopping yesterday and bought the cutest pair of pants and some hoop earrings. That was the highlight of my week. Bellatrix says the pants are ugly, but I can't trust anything she says, she's probably just trying to make me angry. Making me mad seems to be a favorite hobby of my sisters'.

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entry 1   
01:02am 19/06/2005
  It turns out my sisters have been using this journal thing for a while and didn't even tell me. I was the one who brought the computer, but they don't tell me anything. Well my name is Andromeda Black. It's a rather long name so I go by Andi sometimes. I'm 16 and looking forward to my 6th year at hogwarts. My aunt recently passed away. This means I have to find something black to wear. It's the 70's where am I going to find black clothes? Maybe I can raid my sisters' wardrobes.

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